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Project Wonderland: Jack Hughes by soupkun
Project Wonderland: Jack Hughes

I AM SO SORRY THIS IS LATE CRIES THANK YOU FOR THE EXTENSION SEI BRO now where to submit :iconsweatsnervouslyplz:

App for :iconproject--wonderland:

♕ Name: Jackson “Jack” Hughes

♕ Age: 6

♕ Year/School Level: Elementary, Year 1

♕ Birthday: March 31

♕ Role: N/A

♕ Abilities: N/A

♕ Rank: Class 3 Pawn

♕ Personality:

Jack has a loud, independent, and outgoing personality; he’s not afraid of strangers or talking with grown ups, although he could be more careful with his words. His sense of adventure combined with his endless enthusiasm makes the most of every encounter. Easygoing and flexible, it’s easy for him to make friends but it’s difficult to keep him focused on one task or sit in one place.

♕ History:

Jack was born as an only child to George and Elizabeth Hughes in Canterbury, Kent, England. His father owns a small shop and his mother is a novelist. Growing up comfortably, Jack’s earliest memories are filled with visits to the beach, sailing, and taking walks on trail paths. Being used to such an active lifestyle, it’s hard for Jack to stay still in one place and has some troubles focusing in class. Although he wasn't a bad student, he would often disrupt his fellow classmates and eventually led to his teacher calling his parents.

Concerned about their son’s behavior and education, they made a deal with him: if he was able to be good for just one month, they would take him to the new Lewdell Amusement Park. Thrilled at the deal, Jack tried his hardest to be a good boy in school and was rewarded the following month. Attending the new park with his parents and relatives, who also wanted to take their children along, Jack was bristling with excitement from the rides, sights, and games. While the parents sat down on a bench to talk, Jack’s parents told his older cousins to watch out for him and ride together where they could see them. They were waiting in line for the “jumpy” ride when Jack spied a rabbit at the edge between the line and the grassy area. Having been bored waiting, Jack decides to bring the rabbit back to play with and follows it to Wonderland.

♕ Trivia:

    - Speaks with a rural English accent

    - Is afraid of big animals

    - Favorite food is summer pudding and fish fingers

    - Currently obsessed with airplanes and flying and wants to become a pilot when he grows up

♕ Relations:

    None yet :iconlazycryplz:

Budou no Toshi: Ueda Masayoshi by soupkun
Budou no Toshi: Ueda Masayoshi

I am taking so many risks with this app I don’t think I’ll get in :iconpapmingplz: This group looks so nice and all the pro apps coming in...w-we’ll see  _(:3 」∠ )_


Name: Ueda Masayoshi (上田正義)

Nickname: Yoshi (close friends/family only)

Gender: Male

Weight: 62 kg/140 lbs

Birthday: Feb 10

Blood type: A

Height: 178 cm/5’10”

Age: 16

Grade: II

Club: Gardening club


Calm | Rational | Tolerant | Absent-minded thinker

A my-pace, reserved individual, Masayoshi prefers to live quietly in his small world. Although he has a straightforward and easygoing personality, he’s usually speaks politely and respectfully to others; he only really opens up with a few intimate friends and family. He gives off a cool impression towards people around him because he’d rather let things be or have someone else take care of it. Although he’s normally not easy to rile, Masayoshi is easily excitable by things he enjoys and often gets lost in thought.


+ Enka

+ Cooking

+ Naps

+ Small soft animals


- Nosy people

- Making a scene/standing out

- Horror/gore

- The closest major store for hard-to-find ingredients is a 2 hour train ride away


Masayoshi was born the second of three children and was raised in the Kanagawa prefecture in Yokohama. His parents met at university and after dating, his mom decided to settle in Japan after marriage. With both parents working full-time, the Ueda children grew up fairly independently. Masayoshi, unlike his older brother, inherited his dad’s looks and never really had problems with bullying or public stares for his mixed genes. However, seeing his older brother struggle because of early mistreatment from peers in addition to his busy parents often overlooking him between his rowdier siblings, Masayoshi developed a passive and almost fatalistic personality.

Once Masayoshi entered middle school, his father’s health declined more rapidly and often took time off work. Seeing their stressed parents struggling to raise three children in an expensive city and not wanting to further burden their parents, the Ueda brothers helped with household duties and chores from an early age. Masayoshi found his niche in cooking and thrived from his family’s praise, finally feeling like he found a place within his family. Their relocation to the Yamanashi prefecture was on recommendation from doctors for the father’s health, as well as for cheaper housing. Although Masayoshi was reluctant to move to the countryside for high school, he never complained and obediently complied with his parent’s wishes.


Ueda Daigoro (Father, 50) - Worn out father with high blood pressure who worked as a senior shipping manager for many years before he collapsed one too many times from work. He’s much better health-wise after moving and currently works at a small export company.

Ueda (née Martin) Noelle (Mother, 47) - Originally from Lyon, France. A cheerful mother who dotes on her family and tries (maybe too hard) to get along with her neighbors. Proficient in Japanese. Currently a stay-at-home mom.

Ueda Daiichi (Older brother, 20)- Timid but reliable oldest son. Takes after mom’s appearance with light colored hair and eyes. Lives in Tokyo for university and works part-time as a model, but wants to become a civil servant.

Ueda Akemi (Younger sister, 14) - Outgoing and spoiled daughter who is a third year in middle school. At 168 cm, her biggest complex is that she taller than most of the boys in her class.

Additional Info:

- Can speak some French with his mom but usually mixes it with Japanese

- Was originally in the cooking club his freshman year but due to its popularity, quit and joined the gardening club instead. Wants to grow his own ingredients at home

- Sleeps with his eyes open

- Wears glasses in class

- Switches off cooking duties with mom for breakfast or dinner

- His hair length is in contention with school policy. He’s been let off so far because he’s a good student (consistently ranks in top 25 in exams) and has promised to cut it but has been too lazy to visit the salon



aka Misoshiru
United States
Hey, I'm soupkun but I also go by misoshiru.

Thanks for visiting~

Tumblr @ soupkun
Twitter @ soupkun55
Finally cleared out my inbox OTL

Hi guys I'm not dead (yet). I'll be attending Japan Expo this weekend in Santa Clara, CA if anyone is going!

I'll be cosplaying Jean (Shingeki no Kyojin) on Friday afternoon and Kaworu (Evangelion 3.0) on Saturday~

...I'm sorry to my followers who follow me for art because I've been in a cosplay rage this year OTL. The other problem is that I've fallen in love with Tachibana Makoto and am too busy making wedding plans to care about anything else HAHA //punched to the ends of the universe. Seriously though, I've just been busy with real life though OTL I hope everyone is doing well!

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